The Australian Government highlighted the central role that creativity plays in education and as the driver of social and economic success in a report published in response to the Australia 2020 Summit held in 2008, which acknowledges that "creativity, interpretation, innovation and cultural understanding are all sought after skills in the 21st century" (Responding to the Australia 2020 Summit, 2009, p.193). This OLT funded collaborative project by the University of South Australia, the University of Adelaide, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, James Cook University, the University of New England and Massey University in consultation with Professor Fredric Kropp (Monterey Institute of International Studies, Graduate School of Middlebury College, US) and our national reference group members, aims to address an identified gap in the development of creative problems solving (CPS) frameworks through the design and development of a CPS framework and associated online system to support academics in the development and redevelopment of curricula in which design is embedded.

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